tisdag 26 juli 2016

Oslo viking ship museum

 Finnaly we got too see the museum! On the way back from Gudvangen we wanted to make a stop in Oslo to go to museums, the viking ship museum and then the folkemuseum wich is really close. The viking museum has a lot more than just the viking ships, they have furniture, textiles, tent parts, wagons etc. Here is a lovely animal (dragon?) head:

 Gokstad ship

 Tent frame? This discussed but it is the most common theory. 

Some woven tapestries, Im gessing these are reconstructions.
 A handle of some sort

 Cards for card weaving
 Tool for yarn

I think this was from a child bed

 A chair
Foto: Oslo viking ship museum

 A shoe

 Heads on one of the wagons
 Top carvings from a "tent frame"
Another animal (dragon?) head
 Toothless hihi

måndag 25 juli 2016

Oslo museum trip

 After we went to Oslo viking ship museum we went just a few 100m away to te folkemuseum (folk museum). Its a outdoors museum that have alot of buildings from different time periods but its also a indoor museum with clothing and furniture.

 Male outfit, early 1800s. wool coat, wool or cotton waistcoat and (probably) chamois leather pants with very pretty embroidery.

 18th century shoes, embroidered silk.

 Womens undergarments late 19th century.

 Fabric press cabinet.

Part of a shirt 1800-1850. Intresting gores on the shoulders!

 Loose collar to wear over a deep necklined shift. Very practical when you dont want to wash to much!

I looove this one!! Its a yarn basket. It lookes like viking age but its not! Its says; probably 1500-1700s, from Seljord in Telemark.
 Copy of a church chair in Tyldal church in Hedmark, 1150s

 This is Gol stave church. It is actually moved here all the way from Gol, wich we passed on the way down from Gudvangen.