lördag 11 november 2017

Stockholm trip part 2- 18th century bal

 Bal in Kristienhovs Malmgård. Time to wear my 18th century dress! :D

Foto: Kristienhovs Malmgård



fredag 10 november 2017

Stockholm trip part 1

 Here are some pictures from our visit in Livrustkammaren in Stockholm.

 And then a visit to Old town! The only part of sthockholm i like! Here is my friend Hans Gunnar from Eikthyrnir (leathercrafts).


onsdag 1 november 2017

Last fixes before the bal

 Testing all the garments together! It works but i still need to fix some stuff; I need to lower the cleavage (hehe you dont get to say that alot), fix the hairline on the wig to a v-shape and make a puffier underskirt.

I found some folk costume shoes in real leather on a second hand shop for only 50sek!! Amazing! Not super correct but it will work until i can buy proper shoes (or make some..)

tisdag 31 oktober 2017

Danmark 2017

A little trip to Skagen, Denmark! And when abroad: Museuuumsss!

We found the beach just before the rain came! I never seen the danish beach before so this was nice^^

 Gå på tur, aldrig sur! As the norwegians say.

 Dramatic weather with snow and sun at the same time..

 A lovely 19th century cottage.

 And theeen: The textiles! Yey!
 18th century or early 19th century jacket.
 Edwardian summer jacket.

 Edwardian mourning jacket.
 Mourning outfit.

 I´ll take them all thank you..!