lördag 19 augusti 2017

Jane Austen exibition on Skokloster castle

 Skokloster castle had a Jane austen exibition so me and my mum took a daytrip to visit the castle.

 New made clothing from the exibition.


And then some originals:
 16th century shoes

 I got a bit chocked to see this painting here. I litterly said "WTF why is this painting HERE?! So aparently swedish soldier stole this Giuseppe Arcimboldo painting, painted in 1590, in Prage or Vienna (?) in the 17th century. Crazy! A painter a little a head of his time..

 One of the owners of the castle had a ridiculous collection of armors. This is just a small part of it. The most interesting thing in the collection for me  was a hammock made by natives in some south American country.
 The great unfinnished hall. The only castle hall in Sweden at least that is still a working place.

torsdag 10 augusti 2017

A little trip back home to Jämtland


I took some time to go up to Jämtland were im from to visit my grandparents and friends. Nothing is like home..

When Im not on markets i have weird hair xD but i like it... I have had it like 9 years?
This is up on the hill on Frösön called East mountain (Östberget). Fikar (there is really not a good word for that in english!) with a friend.

Dammåhn, Bydalen

Later me and my grandmother went up to our cabbin in the mountains to pick berries. Specifically clowdberries, the gold of the forest.

Cloudberries. My favourite berry. I could eat a whole jar of jam from it (Mylta)! They only grow on wet Myr, not exacly a swomp but like a Mire? "Only step on the grass tufts so you dont sink and get stuck!" my grand mother always told me. In some places they put out borads to walk on like this.

 The next day we tolk a roadtrip to another place called The Ristafall that I actually never visited before. Jätmland has severall rivers like this. This part of Sweden is a bit like Alaska, mountains, lakes, rivers and forest as long as you can see, filled with wildlife.