tisdag 31 oktober 2017

Danmark 2017

A little trip to Skagen, Denmark! And when abroad: Museuuumsss!

We found the beach just before the rain came! I never seen the danish beach before so this was nice^^

 Gå på tur, aldrig sur! As the norwegians say.

 Dramatic weather with snow and sun at the same time..

 A lovely 19th century cottage.

 And theeen: The textiles! Yey!
 18th century or early 19th century jacket.
 Edwardian summer jacket.

 Edwardian mourning jacket.
 Mourning outfit.

 I´ll take them all thank you..!

tisdag 24 oktober 2017

Anundshög- burial site 2017

I finnaly got to see Anundshög in Västerås, Sweden! It is dated migration period-viking age and has one big pile grave, several small, stone settings and a stone laburint.Lovely place!

 Somebody left offerings.


måndag 23 oktober 2017

18th century flower a la´anglaise

The beige flower a la´anglaise

This dress I actually made in high school, but I did the bodice the wrong way so I wanted to make a new one since I had fabric left any way. The fabric is actually a duvet cover that I bought on a secondhand shop for maybe 10-20SEK. Here is the original bodice.

First I want to show you miss duck tape mannequin no 2! Its alot easier to make closely fitted garments if I can see the fit from all angles and I only had my regular mannequins witch do not have the 18th century siluette, so I made a new one while wearing my corset (not very pleasent to be in a corset but also with duck tape on top..)
With a mannequin in the right shape you can mark the pieces that you want to make with tape like this, and its very cheap so you can make on for as many periods you like.


Trying out the new bodice

biggest bum roll wins! Hmm, but i do need more underskirts..

torsdag 19 oktober 2017

White 18th century stays

White linen stays done! This is a smaller version of the first stays i made in high school and that one i made from alternating the buttericks pattern B4484. I feel like I should have made them even smaller in the back but they will do for now.

 I made the stays in 2 layers of linen and used strong plastic boning. You can find it here in my store.

On the edge i used white cotton tape. I sewed it from the front and folded it over to the back. Seams and lacing holes I sewed with vaxed linen thred. You can find ribbon here, and linen thread here.

I will make a new bump roll soon, this one is from high school... The shift is actually my medieval linen underdress, its the same pattern anyway.

The petticoat I made from the stiffest old sheet we had in the house, antique ones are alot better and stiffer than modern ones.