lördag 30 juni 2018

Foteviken 2018

Back to foteviken again! Skåne always feels a bit exotic to me haha!
Its has Been very hot and dry, but we had a nice time as usuall!
This time I also got the chance to take some photos with @morfeiphoto. He is a great photografer so make sure to have a look on his insta!

 The tent will all my fabrics is set, now waiting for the market to open! Look how dry it is! Insane! its usually very green.

 We just hade to swim in this weather! We just had to get past all the algeas first..

Foto by @morfeiphoto

Foto by @morfeiphoto

Markus was so nice to help me take down my rig! We made personal record!

fredag 15 juni 2018

Hamar medieval festival 2018

The tree ferrys of Hamar​!
 This weekend im in Hamar, norway selling frabrics :D Its been a great week!

 Going to eat a great a medieval dinner down in the camp.

 Before the markets we went picking oisters that we brought directly to the market to eat. Fresh in water of course.