fredag 31 juli 2020

Vacation! Dala-floda

I finnaly decided to have my first proper vacation. We wanted to go on a roadtrip up to Jämtland and back so Alex could see the summer lanscape there. Our trip went through Dalarna-Jämtland-Hälsingland. First stop was in a little village called Dala-floda. They have one of the prettiest folk dress in Sweden I think, with all their embroidered flowers that they started with in the 1800s when chemical dies got common and yarns in all colors where more easy to get hold on.
At hemslöjden (homecrafts) they have a little shop with second hand dress items, many from the 19th century that has been passed down in generations.

Note the bonnets! A fashion from the first half of the 19th century that for some reason stayed in this region.

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