tisdag 22 september 2020

Plantdye with akorns

The ground outside is currently covered in akorns so I couldnt resist trying to plant dye with them. I wasnt sure what color I would get, maybe brown? I collected a bucket of akorns that I thought would last for a week or so but they dont, they mold so I also collected a bucket of new green ones to dye with both and compare.

I did not use any mordant since I didnt have any home yet, and I was very eager to try. Im happy it worked anyway!
Big pot- Green akorns+ white diamond twill and tabby wool
Small pot- Brown odl akorns + tabby wool


Akorn dyed fabrics

What a result! :D I was soo exited to see the fabric in the big pot turn brownish pink and when dry a nice shade of vintage pink. In the picture above from left: 

1. Green akorns-Vintage pink on diamond twill

2. Brown old akorns- Light brown on tabby wool

3. Green akorns- Vintage pink (slightly more brown) on tabby wool

Akorn dyed fabric samples

Plant dye with akorns

Akorn dye result

 Afterwards I got the idea that I also wanted to test on a medium gray fabric so I throwed a piece in for a while more but it only got a bit darker on the brown gray side. Now im eager to try with mordant and experiment with other ingredients! :D

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